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Situated on the beautiful Ottawa River and 150 Km northwest of Ottawa, Pembroke is a vibrant little city of 16,200 that is renowned as “the heart of the Ottawa Valley”. Established in 1858, it was a bustling timber town during the early part of the 20th century, with huge log booms being floated down river towards the local sawmills. Today, there are still several companies connected to the forestry sector as well as a growing number of companies associated with a knowledge based economy and ecotourism. Pembroke is the location of the administrative headquarters of Renfrew County and is the largest commercial centre between North Bay and Ottawa.

The economy also benefits from tourism, aided partly by Pembroke’s location on the Trans-Canada Highway. Pembroke is a gateway to natural adventures on the Petawawa and Ottawa Rivers, Algonquin Park and to world-class white water rafting a short distance to the southwest.

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