Choosing your community: the pros and cons

Finding the perfect home is hard enough; finding that home in the perfect neighbourhood is even tougher.  Here are a few of the pros and cons of the surrounding area.


  • Pembroke: Pembroke has the most available amenities.  It has an expanding downtown with cafes, boutiques and restaurants all within a few walking blocks of the marina and college.  It’s a pretty little city in the heart of the valley.  A major con, however, is that property taxes are the highest here among the listed communities.


  • Petawawa: Petawawa typically has the lowest property taxes, and homeowners don’t pay a municipal water bill. This is on-going savings right out of the gate.  Also, Petawawa is constantly expanding.  There is currently a new subdivision underway, and Petawawa has the most newer builds the choose from, built by reputable contractors.  This is both a pro and a con, in our opinion, as many of the subdivisions have identical homes throughout.  Many of the homes have a similar layout, and if you require unique features to suit your needs, you many be looking into renovating.


  • Laurentian Valley: Laurentian valley covers a lot of ground.  It expands from Micksburg and Cotnam’s Island, past Rankin, towards Petawawa.  Boundary road is the divides Pembroke and Laurentian Valley.  This means, that depending on where you choose in Laurentian Valley, you could be enjoying the amenities of Pembroke with lower property taxes, or enjoying larger lots and more rural living.  It’s up to you!


  • Beachburg: Beachburg is a very quaint little village in the Whitewater Region.  It is community oriented, with a cute downtown with a few boutiques, a bank and grocery store. Generally, the homes here are a little older, but leave a lot of character and potential for updating to your tastes. However, if you work in town you will have to adjust to a longer commute.



Of course, this list is completely subjective; everyone’s priorities vary.  Hopefully this little article will help in deciding yours.  Let us show you around, and help you find your perfect spot!


-Deb, Karen and Dayna

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