Beyond Love at First Sight – looking past the superficial

With Sellers being so staging savvy these days, it’s easy for buyers to fall in “love at first sight” and forget to look past the beautiful décor.  It is very important to distinguish between an emotional buy and a smart buy.  Certainly, your new home should feel like you belong there, but your realtor should guide you to your senses and help you see the…well, not so pretty things about a home.  Have a look under those expensive area rugs.  Are the floors damaged under there?  What about the windows that are covered in gorgeous drapes?  Are they updated or original?  What about the furnace?  Does it have to be replaced?    Many homes in our area are on a septic system, and often need to be replaced.  All of these details, if not looked into, can end up costing you A LOT of money.  It’s imperative to look past the perfect setting and see what’s behind the scene.  Your agent will remind you  of your initial needs and wants in a home and help you make wise decisions, advise you on potential resale, the current market value, neighbourhood influences and any known defects.   A second look, without the rose coloured glasses is always advisable.  Give us a call anytime, and we’ll be happy to help keep you objective in your search for the perfect home!

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